Who we are

Principal's Message

"Education" is one of the most advanced technologies that humans have developed in course of time. Ancient India was known for its rich educational system and philosophy where great emphasis was laid on building character and holistic development. In the same way, ancient Greek and Roman cultures had put in lot of thinking behind how to develop human potentials. Socrates considered questioning as the greatest methods of learning because it nurtures curiosity. Today, we are trying to rekindle that spirit along with modern forms of learning. Besides, here the focus is on learning to learn. At OEMS, we aim at making students wise and adaptable to the changing times by holding their value system very high. Here, everyone is a learner and every life situation is a learning opportunity. Therefore, we organize training programmes for our teachers and house-parents wherein experts from diverse fields come and conduct workshops. We are also mentored by a team of experienced trustees who keep guiding us from their vast life experiences and genuine belief in what education does for the society.

Nisha Sharma

Principal, OEMS